It's a Seller Dream...

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Welcome to a seller's dream!  In 2020, the typical home seller profited a net cash gain of $210,000 from the sale of their home. That is an average of 63.8% increase from the original purchase price!  

In 2020, home sellers who lived in their homes for less than five years earned a median profit of 16.5% from the sale of their homes.  Those who lived in their home for more than five years earned a typical profit of 100%!

In June of 2021, the median sales price for a home in Orange County was $819,630.  This represents a new record for the fifth time in seven months. Additionally, in that same month, more than 71% of homes sold for above-asking price. 

Naturally, this market is challenging for buyers, however, if you are interested in learning how much maximize your investment during this unprecedented market, feel free to reach out.